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Tracking Details, Moving Mountains

As an experienced IT deployment and integration company with comprehensive warehouse and logistics offerings, Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC, offers its locations and facilities to provide necessary services dependably, effectively, and cost-efficiently*. In fact, Wynndalco is an innovator in the industry, with several specialized software applications that allow us to manage projects, client environments, and/or helpdesk support initiatives.

Creating turnkey solutions for both small- and large, public and private clients, with proven processes that facilitate far simpler receiving, prepping, and deploying of high-tech equipment, Wynndalco conserves resources and gains efficiencies across every facet of our involvement. With these turnkey implementations, we’ve applied our tools and processes to facilitate large-scale desktop and laptop deployments with hundreds of thousands of assets for some of the world’s leading companies and institutions, and then helped them manage the same throughout the technology’s lifecycles. We’ll help you maximize the utilization of your hardware investment while minimizing the impact to end-users before, during, and after asset deployment and integration.

For projects requiring a more global, multi-pronged response, customers can ship their technology equipment orders directly to a Wynndalco facility (Merge Center), and then utilize the following solutions, as needed.

Climate-Controlled Warehouse Storage

  • Customer inventory
  • Run rate projects, managed client
  • Managed deployment projects

Remediation Area to Prep Equipment for Deployment

  • Imaging (using customer-created or approved, in-house designs)
  • Asset tagging
  • BIOS configuration
  • Refurbished equipment testing

Staging Area to Consolidate/Prep Orders for Delivery

  • Management
  • Call Center
    • Schedulers
    • Support personnel
  • Conference Room
  • Print Center
    • General printing activities
    • Plotters
    • Binding and collation

Dock-high loading and non-dock-high access to receive up to two, full-size semi-trucks at one time

  • Weather- and climate-protected receiving areas
  • Overhead coverage, indoor docking, and more

Ample facilities to hold 20 or more cars concurrently

  • For entryways to prevent loss of equipment
  • For surroundings to mitigate risk to employees or property
  • Scheduled, precise delivery and integration services
  • Off-site warehousing, equipment management, and pre-deployment preparation

Wynndalco has invested heavily in the TIMS Managed Logistics Software product to offer customers its abilities as part of our bundled offerings or as a standalone service. Variations of this product have been or are being used in myriad public schools in Chicago, New York, Dallas, Detroit, and Austin. TIMS is a feature-rich system that offers the following capabilities.

  • Warehouse management
  • Manufacturer feed and reporting
  • Large order management
    • Split-ticket assignments
    • Partial order tracking
  • Asset tracking/disposition
    • Client/location assignment
      • Asset assignment
      • Room assignment
        • Contact info
  • Scheduling, ticket logging, and tracking
  • Technician management and task assignment
  • Order tracking and status
    • Remediation
    • Delivery only or full install tracking
    • DOA, returns, and disposition tracking
  • Vehicle routing and assignment
  • Electronic signature and ticket emailing
  • Full-feature reporting
  • Invoicing
    • SKU-based
    • Service-based
  • Project-based assignments

Imaging • Configuring • Managing/Tagging/Etching Assets

The remediation process varies per customer but can include the following.

  • Imaging systems with a specific design created for every make/model ordered, or for planned or future projects
  • Affixing a customer-specific asset tag and/or etching specific models with a customer-approved asset tag or image while concurrently validating and capturing specific system information, which can be used for reporting and asset tracking purposes

Once remediation is complete, our team of experienced schedulers and technicians will coordinate a delivery date and time that’s convenient for the customer/end user to receive the technicians and designated equipment for deployment. Systems then will be moved to the customers’ dedicated location, unpacked, installed, and configured onsite, ensuring optimal functionality.

Besides providing full deployment services, asset management, and project management, Wynndalco also offers de-installation, helpdesk, break/fix, and staff augmentation services.

*All of these activities require the facility to have ample, clean power to the location to support 100+ computers connected simultaneously.

The Wynndalco Advantage


Collaborating with our clients to deliver solutions on time and within budget, we offer insight and unprecedented support from initial proposal/bidding to deployment/maintenance.


Offering decades of targeted management expertise in organizational, infrastructure, and facilities operations, we execute lasting solutions, exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations.


Committing to giving back to the communities we serve, we honor those who’ve led the way, empower those who’re coming up next, and support key initiatives toward generational success.


Strengthening our people and improving our processes, we continually look for ways to grow and advance our clients’ key missions and demonstrate integrity in all we do.

Recent Projects

Hyster Yale Group

Hyster Yale Group reached out to Wynndalco on New Year’s Eve with a pressing emergency that required remediation of all end-user devices and servers in HYG’s corporate network.

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SunCoke Energy

SunCoke Energy had several of its locations working on deploying an enterprise-level, corporate-wide security solution to combat viruses, ransomware, and other tech threats.

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Fifth Third Bank

As Fifth Third Bank recently acquired another bank, Wynndalco was retained to assist with the many site consolidations

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Chicago Public Schools

As Wynndalco’s most longstanding customer, Chicago Public Schools has engaged with our staff for over 20 years...

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Wynndalco had the opportunity to partner with NTT DATA on a multi-year project to provide Caterpillar with order desk support...

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State of Illinois Lottery

For the State of Illinois’ Lottery Machine Deployment and Configuration project, Wynndalco was retained...

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Toll Operations Division (TOD)

Wynndalco is the key partner of the Statewide Customer Service Center and Toll Operations Support Services Program for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Toll Operations Division (TOD).

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Puerto Rico Department of Education

Wynndalco assisted the 1,500 schools in Puerto Rico with developing a technology plan to secure funding.

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Dallas Independent School District

Wynndalco assisted with installation, logistics and warehousing projects.

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Pace & Motorola Radio Replacements

Wynndalco replaced existing radios on all Pace buses and manager field vehicles in the system.

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