Giving Back

Fueling Opportunity

At the core of our values is a cycle that enables perpetual reinvestment:

Education and technology invite opportunity,

Technology and opportunity further education, and

Opportunity and education rely on technology.

The more we invest, the greater the return.

A Passion for Giving Back

They say you can’t pour from an empty cup, so CEO David Andalcio and his team prioritize the process of filling up toward overflowing—of donations, time, interest, and care. For decades, David has believed that, regardless of gender, ability, ethnicity, or circumstance, all individuals should be equipped with the resources for equal opportunity. By these words, Team Wynndalco takes the initiative to live as it gives—investing in its own who then, in turn, invest in the communities they serve.

Fanning the Flames of Partnership

Wynndalco is honored to have joined forces with some of the most remarkable schools, nonprofits, businesses, and causes, with a special place in its heart for supporting children toward their greatest goals. Examples include the following.

The Wynndalco Advantage


Collaborating with our clients to deliver solutions on time and within budget, we offer insight and unprecedented support from initial proposal/bidding to deployment/maintenance.


Offering decades of targeted management expertise in organizational, infrastructure, and facilities operations, we execute lasting solutions, exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations.


Committing to giving back to the communities we serve, we honor those who’ve led the way, empower those who’re coming up next, and support key initiatives toward generational success.


Strengthening our people and improving our processes, we continually look for ways to grow and advance our clients’ key missions and demonstrate integrity in all we do.

How Can We Help?

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