Breathing Fresh Air into Business

Our Foundational Mission

As Henry David Thoreau wisely noted, castles built in the air require a solid foundation to not only survive, but thrive. For years, Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC, has filled an elemental role on our clients’ teams—helping realize lofty ideas and leading with best practices toward laying a solid footing of sustainable, lasting, IT success.

Weaving industry insight into all we do, Wynndalco also is:

Steadfast in maintaining ingenuity, accountability, and distinction in all aspects of our professional services and conduct,

Relentless in our pursuit of strong and lasting client relationships built on mutual respect, trust, loyalty, and transparency, and

Responsible for all actions and decisions, and fully accountable for establishing and achieving goals.

The Wynns of Change…

Established in 2009, Wynndalco breathes fresh air into the current IT Managed Services market, thanks to CEO David Andalcio’s multiple decades of pioneering technology and gleaning insight. Our key differences lie in our processes, our people, and our commitment to empower everyone in our sphere of influence toward lasting success. Some highlights from a long and fruitful journey include the following.


Driving successful, sustainable startups

Early to embrace the emerging computer and systems market, David quickly distinguished himself as a leader in the industry, providing services to major corporations as well as city and state governments by:

  • Pioneering the design and development of custom technology tool, TIMS (Technology Infrastructure Management Software);
  • Guiding major IT deployments within Chicago Public Schools;
  • Establishing significant relationships with technology leaders such as Apple, Compaq, Dell, Acer, HP, and Lexmark; and
  • Developing a one-stop shopping model for hardware purchase, installation, warehousing, logistics, custom configurations, and integration services.


Gaining recognition, designing futures

With formidable experience in technology, engineering, and finance, and with a gift for forging partnerships and strengthening civic relations, David was chosen as Director of the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and also paved the way toward realizing his own vision of a remarkable IT Managed Services firm by:

  • Reforming the Tollway’s project delivery system via a $6.3 billion improvement program, “Open Roads for a Faster Future”;
  • Overseeing rebuilding/widening efforts, including converting 20 barrier toll plazas to open road tolling in less than two years, and increasing DBE participation in professional services from approximately 10- to 30% and in construction services from approximately 2- to 21%; and
  • Founding Wynndalco in 2009 to provide systems integration services and E-Rate expertise to myriad educational institutions (e.g., Chicago Public Schools, the Dallas Independent School District, Puerto Rico Department of Education); Fortune 500 and -100 companies; and transportation entities (e.g., PACE public busing system, Illinois Tollways), among others.


Wynndalco is a certified MBE/DBE/SBE/BEP IT Managed Services firm headquartered in Addison, IL. With extensive training in today’s leading products and processes, the Wynndalco team touts an impressive mix of industry best practices, forward-thinking solutions, deep fiscal responsibility, and generous social advocacy for minority, disadvantaged, and women-owned business enterprises.

MBE Certified: IL, NY, FL, TX, VA
DBE Certified: IA, MA, TX, IN, IL, FL

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