With another nod to its 20-plus years of support for Chicago Public Schools, Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC, donated two mobile land carts and 25 laptops each on August 3 to Prieto Math and Science and Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary Schools in Chicago. Together with Alderman Gilbert Villegas at Prieto and Alderman Roberto Maldonado at McAuliffe, both schools gratefully accepted the donations to help with e-learning during this historic time.

“While all schools are struggling right now, Prieto especially has been hit hard by COVID-19. Many families lost parents and grandparents, and the need for assistance there is tremendous,” says Wynndalco founder and CEO, David Andalcio. “We have a long, rich history with CPS and thus wanted to help the best way we know how—utilizing our deep technical expertise rapidly and professionally.”

Serving preschool/pre-K through 8th grade students, both schools have been impacted tremendously by COVID-19, necessitating a quick pivot to distance learning. Wynndalco has long been involved in procuring and setting up necessary equipment for CPS students, but realizes not every family has the same access to hardware, software, or even Internet connectivity. With a mission toward spanning such gaps, and a stalwart belief that all children should have equal access and opportunity to the many benefits technology can provide, Andalcio considers his team “essential” these days as well—delivering technology to not only stabilize but enhance learning for the city’s thousands of students.

“Wynndalco has been working hard since the pandemic began to deploy over 46,000 devices to over 476 locations,” Andalcio states. “We have not been ‘working from home’ but rather are on the front lines, committed to doing whatever we can to help keep the learning going.”

Adds Wynndalco COO Jose Flores, “We’ve had over 40 of our staff members assisting schools in prepping existing equipment and making it ready for distribution to help support the e-learning initiatives that were being instituted. We continue to deploy equipment every day, working closely with CPS and several other customers to help them wherever we can.”

About Wynndalco Enterprises
Established in 2009, Wynndalco is a certified DBE/MBE/SBE/BEP innovating key technology solutions with partners such as educational institutions, state- and local governments, Fortune 500 and -100 businesses, and transportation entities, among others.With extensive training in today’s leading IT products and processes, the Wynndalco team touts an impressive mix of industry best practices, forward-thinking solutions, deep fiscal responsibility, and generous social advocacy for minority, disadvantaged, and women-owned business enterprises.