“Dear Mr. Rosario,

With great respect for Wynndalco Enterprises, LLC and their highly qualified staff, I am privileged to submit this letter of recommendation for founder and CEO, David Andalcio.  Since 2011, Mr. Andalcio has led a team of experts in their uncompromising efforts to revitalize the Puerto Rico Department of Education’s E-Rate program.  Their steadfast commitments to the Department and the excellence of their work have ensured the success of this critical program.

Mr. Andalcio and his staff have provided the insight, advice, and guidance necessary to continually exceed program expectations and achieve incredible milestones in a specialized and complex environment.  Their investment in the Department and tact and professionalism as consultants go unrivaled.

Under Mr. Andalcio’s guidance, Wynndalco’s efforts have garnered astonishing results: E-rate funding has increased each year and has been disbursed in less time; the PRDE has re- established its credibility with USAC and maintains open lines of communication with the entity; the PRDE has galvanized its compliance and commitment to the program; and a comprehensive Technology Plan to guide the Department has been developed and approved.  Most striking, a summary of numbers affirms the impact Mr. Andalcio and his team have had on the advancement of the E-Rate program; their work has led to the approval of $119,920,369 in funding between FY2009 and FY2015.

Mr. Andalcio and Wynndalco’s broad expertise and unfailing ethics have been essential sources for the Department’s continued successes.  Should you have additional questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Eng. Maribel Pico Piereschi
Chief Information Officer