“Dear CYA Friend,

Our family, as well as the Chicago Young Americans 2003 AAA Elite team, would like to express our most sincere gratitude for your contribution, which helped a special group of young student athletes, Lucca in particular attain an experience of a lifetime.  The boys were exposed to Quebec City rich in French Canadian influence, as well as international culture, cuisine and the highest level of hockey competition in the world.

The boys posted:

Game 1 vs. Richmond Hills                                     W 2 – 1
Game 2 vs. Quebec Rampants                                T 2 – 2
Game 3 vs. Long Island                                            L 4 – 1
Game 4 vs. Team Minnesota                                   T 0 – 0
Game 5 vs. New York Rangers                                L 2 – 1
Game 6 vs. Colorado Thunderbirds                       W 6 – 4
Game 7 vs. Team Ukraine                                        W 3 – 0

Mr. Andalcio, thank you for helping a city- kid represent the U.S.A. in Quebec.  Your gift made this possible.

Lucca Munoz #33