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Typically, frameworks are depicted as pyramids with the highest function at the top of the pyramid. As documents move to electronic media, and print output declines; internal, in-plant print operations have become inefficient and expensive. The pyramid becomes inverted as we move to a digital world.

We created  Health Check to help companies consider when the time is right to move to next-gen document output. Contact us for an exploratory discussion.

Does running your own print operation provide a competitive advantage?
Or Do you want Best-In -Class service, quality and cost?

As we move to a digital world, do you want to continue to be in a capital intensive business? What investments are required to upgrade print, insert and software technology over the next 24-months?

Do you really know the true cost of running your print shop including Depreciation, COGS, G&A and corporate allocations? How does this cost compare to your internal cost clearing?

Are your managers willing to move to the strategic management of a managed service contract vs. the tactical daily management of a machine-based print shop? Do your competitors have a better mouse trap?

How does your TCO drive down to a unit rate card for each item produced?
Have you done a health check on the competitiveness of your operation?

Recent Projects

Toll Operations Division (TOD)

Wynndalco is the key partner of the Statewide Customer Service Center and Toll Operations Support Services Program for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Toll Operations Division (TOD).

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Puerto Rico Department of Education

Wynndalco assisted the 1,500 schools in Puerto Rico with developing a technology plan to secure funding.

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Dallas Independent School District

Wynndalco assisted with installation, logistics and warehousing projects.

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Pace & Motorola Radio Replacements

Wynndalco replaced existing radios on all Pace buses and manager field vehicles in the system.

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New York Courts

The New York Courts needed assistance maintaining their computer environments, and we had the staff and experience to deliver.

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Poudre School District

Providing ongoing support for Dell laptops currently under warranty within the Poudre School District in Colorado.

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Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

Our long history and experience with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has allowed us to continuously modify and improve our services for the benefit of the customer.

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