How IVP Differs in Killing COVID & Other Viruses

The Heat is On

Generally speaking, the strongest filters on the market can catch (but not necessarily destroy) bacteria and/or viruses, but the latter has sticky glycoproteins that can hold onto a filter long enough to re-populate, break off and re-enter the air supply—thereby infecting people even when filtration is used.


Since SARS-CoV-2 cannot tolerate temperatures above 70° C, IVP researchers designed and fabricated efficient filters to turn up the heat: Our HEPA technology catches and kills such viruses through a pulsatile relay of heat on a nickel (Ni) mesh foam filter that’s able to absorb and hold an ample amount of warmth over the very short time period required to kill a virus, essentially “cooking” it.

While filtration is used most commonly to clean air, all the following methods can fall short of fully eliminating and deactivating viruses.

See how IVP stacks up against the competition:

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